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Europe is getting delightfully grey. We appreciate this by launching a CareStore of apps and devices. Assisted living can turn the trick for old Europe.

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Demographic challenges in Europe

Europe is getting delightfully grey. We appreciate this by launching a CareStore of apps and devices. Assisted living can turn the trick for old Europe.


15% of Europeans are above the age of 65. That is more than 75 million people.


65 % of Europeans have jobs. These jobs cover all expenses in the 27 member states.


Of Europe's GDP is spent on healthcare. Every penny counts.

By 2015 there will be more than
75 million people above 65 years
in Europe, placing a pressure on the working population and huge pressure on innovating the healthcare domain to facilitate the change to come.

Travelling demography?




20.8 million

A Green Paper on Demographic Change launched by the Commission shows a vast shortage of people in Europe's working age by 2030

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According to Eurostat estimations and the projection of Europe's old age dependency ratio this will almost double by 2050

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of respondents in a European survey felt that social and health care systems should help people remain in their homes for as long as possible

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In Italy the proportion of workers employed in domestic positions born outside Italy increased remarkably from 20% in 2001

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CareStore is a shared and open marketplace for easy deployment of apps and devices within assisted living.

The road towards seamless healthcare is bumpy, but the task is quite simple. We need new ideas, technologies and services to realize a modern, cost-effective healthcare.

...and CareStore is born.

The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme managed by REA - Research Executive Agency: (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n0 FP7-SME-2012, 315158, "CareStore"

Community developer?

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We don't mind raising the bar a little. That is why we aim to create a cost-competitive and user-friendly platform.

Team news

On the contrary to looking like three guys in a garage, we are a team of devoted professionals, to whom this means the world.

Political correctness might not be top of our morning list. But we are actually trying to fire back here! Then who are we aiming at? Why not say closed down, system owners with silo solutions that don't care where the world is going? None mentioned, none forgotten.

Today, a large number of assisted living technologies coexist without benefiting from one another. They have different user interfaces, communication structures and maintenance plans (yada yada yada), which all in all limits the uptake of already existing technologies that could strengthen the solid European healthcare. And keep a cool eye on the grey gold of Europe.

With CareStore we are trying. At least.

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