Care Store - seamless healthcare

The CareStore project has come to an end

We have launched our project demo at Senioren Residenz Glücksburg, where we are now molding and trying to find the right format to continue our collaboration. If you're interested in a demo of the platform, check out this video.

New test users

Playing around on CareStore. We got new, tough testers at SSRG in Glücksburg. Technology may just have impressed an other wise not easily impressed lady. More apps on the way, but not too fast. After all this is first step.

Flensburg Newspaper about CareStore

Flensburg Newspaper stopped by our Public Demo and wrote a fine article about CareStore. (In Danish)

Real taste of CareStore

The project results got a first real taste of life at the nursing home, when visiting Glückburg for the internal training workshop and handover of the prototypes. The feedback will give us a good view of what's still to be done. To be continued.

Prototypes ready and running

"At the University of Minho, the nerd crew is developing a CRIP, which stands for Common Recognition and Identification Platform. This is an embedded platform connected to a computer interface, where CareStore users can enroll on the system. Beside users authentication, CRIP is used to interface with medical devices in order to acquire health measurements, making assisted living a tad smarter. We hope!

The use of health devices with communication capabilities hasn't been very appealing before now, often hindered by technology fright. In CareStore the ambition is still 'seamless', as an approach and tech aim. The first prototypes are ready. We can now authenticate users and read their medical data. Novel features are being added in order to support CareStore users, but that will have to wait..."

Next Generation.

When the population is changing, the need for accommodated tools go up. We simply can't keep on serving the same meals to our well known guests. Sekoia and CareStore are great examples of this. Highlighted here in this video:

CareStore project meeting.

We are using humour to solve technical puzzles. First prototypes are on the way.


Aarhus University just presented CareStore at the annual DemAAL summer school in Greece.

The DemAAL is primarily for postgraduate students, postdocs and researchers investigating clinical and technical aspects related to Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) technologies for remote health management, ageing well and independent living. A natural fit for CareStore, and our poster was received very well. Researchers and industry experts were keen to know the idea of seamless deployment of devices and applications in the field, and very interested in collaborating. Read more? Go to

CareStore at SHI

Scandinavian Health Informatics gave room for a presentation of CareStore opening a debate about contemporary user experience research, and the quality of social or economical health care services today.

In Copenhagen Mukhtiar Memon presented the consortium and the current state of work, with the overall vision incorporated. New AAL solutions are emerging at this point, and CareStore aspire to become one of those that pass along the trail of invention and implementation.

CareStore on Pervasive Health 2013

At the 7th International Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare, Stefan Wagner presented the paper “CareStore Platform for Seamless Deployment of Ambient Assisted Living Applications and Devices”. Stefan is the Technical Manager of the CareStore project, and an Associate Professor at Aarhus University.

The presentation focused on introducing the challenges and barriers facing the proliferation of Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) technologies, as identified in a range of field studies conducted by Aarhus University. Also, these challenges were the motivation for the CareStore project, which is co-funded by the 7th framework programme of the European Commission.

The identified challenges include: different user interfaces of AAL devices, non-compatible AAL communication infrastructures, and unfeasible maintenance plans of current state-of-the-art AAL technology. These issues limit the inclusion of efficiency-enhancing solutions in the elderly care sector.

At the conference, the CareStore project was introduced, both background and motivation, current state of work, and the overall CareStore vision. Also, cooperation with other universities and AAL system and device vendors was called for, including an invitation to join the CareStore project.

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